Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is basically an Internet service that allows companies and individuals to create their own space on the Internet. Web hosting companies have servers that act as data centers. Customers will give files to their web hosting companies and those files will be stored in the data centers. They can then be found by anybody who wants to visit that personís or companyís website.

There are many web hosting services available, mainly these are divided between free web hosting and paid web hosting. Free web hosting is just that Ė free and the customer doesnít pay a thing. This is more suitable towards people who are just beginning to have a website on the Internet. A paid web hosting company will charge for their services and offer more features to their customers. This is ideal for small companies that are going to be expanding or for large companies. Free web hosting will only allow for limited space and sub domains for the personís site.

There are many different paid web hosting companies that can be found online. The prices will depend on what type of services they offer. One can choose from a dedicated server, where one server will be dedicated to only that personís file, or from a shared server. This is when many people are using the same server. Itís best to start with a shared server to see if the web hosting company offers what is needed. If the individual is satisfied with the service, it is then an appropriate time to move to a dedicated server.

Web Hosting Service and domain name

If you want to publish your website on the internet, you need web hosting service. Alternatively, like some corporations, you can own your web server, line and networks to start publishing your website. We don't recommend the latter, because it is very costly to run and maintain. I will explain to you some of the terms that are essential for you to know before you begin to find a suitable host for your site.

Data Center

A data center is a collection of database, servers, computer networks and software widely used to deploy and support hosting services and computing application services. Because a data center can be very expensive to maintain and upgrade. Companies are increasingly looking to outsource these routine operations so that they can focus on higher priority technology projects like e-commerce and customer relationship management.

Shared and Dedicated Hosting

These two terms are widely used on the internet to describe the services that a web hosting provider can offer you. Shared hosting is multiple web sites residing on a single server/computer. Shared hosting is sometimes referred to as virtual servers, and definitely cheaper than dedicated host, because your site is residing on a server that also hosts other websites. A normal web server usually can accommodate up to 250 websites. On the other hand, a dedicated server is a computer that hosts only your site. Dedicated servers provide more hard-drive space and greater autonomy and flexibility, including choice of software, operating systems, and database management systems. A dedicated host often costs from US$99 per month to US$500 per month.
To choose between a shared and a dedicated host depends on the volume of traffic to your site and the amount of control and flexibility that you want on your hosting account. In a shared environment, other sites on the same server that you host are competing to use the server resources, and if your site has high traffic, it is wise that you switch to a dedicated server that can serve your web users faster without sacrificing any other hosts.
However, if you are fairly new to web hosting with a limited budget, shared hosting is the recommended solution for your site. The primary advantage in choosing a virtual server over a dedicated server is significant savings in setup and operating costs. Shared hosting prices usually start from US$8 per month to US$50 per month depending on the features, software and hardware that a host can provide you.
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Dedicated Servers | Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Domain name
A domain name is a unique alphanumeric name used to identify a particular host (computer) such as a Web server or Email server on the Internet. In another words, it is the main part of what is known as your site's Uniform Resource Locator (URL) on the World Wide Web.

Domain names allow Internet users to type in a name, such as www.MaxDedicated.com or http://resellerhostingsite.com/, to identify a numeric address such as The main purpose of domain names is to allow web users to connect to the Internet and find websites or send email to addresses with familiar names such as "email.com" or "eudoramail.com" without having to memorize the IP addresses.
A domain name and a web site, connected together allows you to have a web presence on the internet and allows you to manage email addressed to your domain. The capabilities and features of your web site and your email will depend on the web hosting provider.

Usually, to start hosting, you need to register a domain name first. Domain name registration cost from US$8.00 to US$35 per depending on the domain registrar. We recommend that you register your domain names with an ICANN accredited registrar
Shared Hosting Services
Shared Web Hosting, otherwise known as virtual hosting, is were more than one customer is sharing the same server. Shared Web Hosting is usually more economical than going Non-Shared since all the customers on the server are splitting the servers maintenance and upkeep costs.

Shared Hosting is split into several sub-categories. We call these sub-categores hosting communities. Currently, Web Host Magazine & Buyers Guide recognizes twelve Shared Hosting communities. They are Budget, Unix & Linux, Reseller, Windows, Enterprise, E-Commerce, VPS, ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, FrontPage, and Family Hosting.

Hosting plans found in these communities share like attributes and features and often times these communities overlap. Although they overlap, each community has its own specific criteria that has been forged over the years.